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Megabass Deep Six

Model: 175510001
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The DEEP-SIX was designed to trigger bites at depths up to 6 meters (20ft.), a largely uncharted territory among diving cranks.

This range is made possible by a unique, super thin lip that slices through currents, and maintains the ideal balance required for a steep dive angle. Furthermore, the DEEP-SIX incorporates the renowned Multi-way Moving Balancer System (PAT.) of the DEEP-X series. During casts, the main weight moves to the rear, positioning DEEP-SIX tail-first to maximize aerodynamics and casting distance. When diving, the weight moves to the front of the lure to increase DEEP-SIX’s dive angle, which means you get down to target depth much faster. When DEEP-SIX reaches its maximum diving depth and contacts bottom, underwater structure, or is twitched, the main balancer is released, causing the weight to slide and increase action. If DEEP-SIX levels out at its maximum depth without contacting bottom, the main weight is released from the front and moves to the middle position. This changes the lure’s action, creating a realistic flash and aggressive high pitch rolling and wobbling that ignites the instincts of monsters in the deep.

Until now, the super deep range has remained a safe-haven for lunkers. Now Megabass has created a lure to venture into the deep, and dominate the monsters’ sanctuary.

  • Length: 3 1/8 in.
  • Weight: 7/8 oz.
  • Type: Floating
  • Depth: 19ft.
  • Sound: Silent
  • Hook: #2 front, Katsuage #4 back

12 Models Available

Model Style Color Stock Price Qty
175510001 01 Sexy Shad Low Stock: <5 $19.99
175510002 02 GP Sexy Shad Low Stock: <5 $19.99
175510010 10 Ito Wakasagi In Stock: 5+ $19.99
175510044 44 GP Stain Reaction Out of Stock $19.99
175510096 96 PM Kisyu Ayu Low Stock: <5 $19.99
175511207 07 Biwako Clear Gill In Stock: 5+ $19.99
Blue Back Mat Chartreuse 07 Blue Back Mat Chart In Stock: 5+ $19.99
Elegy Bone 52 Elegy Bone In Stock: 5+ $19.99
Fire Craw 77 Fire Craw In Stock: 5+ $19.99
French Pearl 03 Sexy French Pearl In Stock: 5+ $19.99
MB Gizzard 21 MB Gizzard Low Stock: <5 $19.99
Tora Zari 94 Tora Zari Low Stock: <5 $19.99

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Megabass Deep Six - 01
Megabass Deep Six - 01
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