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Megabass Sleeper Gill

Model: 4314050003
Style: 03
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Feature a patent-pending adaptation of the dorsal fin weed guard pioneered by the Dark Sleeper, the Sleeper Gill can be sent where others fear to swim.  It's jungle-crawling ability enables precision targeting of weed areas, intricate lay downs, cover areas, standing timber, bottom structure and more. The concealed top hook presents a natural silhouette to trick veteran targets and hides a hollow zone that compresses for sure hook sets. A low center of gravity design and pectoral fin balancers contribute to bottom- contact swimming ability, allowing for stealthy approaches through key structure areas and stand up ability on the pause. 

Finished with a sensitive tail that responds to slow retrieves, the Sleeper Gill can be crawled along the bottom to kick up a delicate disturbance, echoing the movements of gill and Crucian Carp. Higher in the water colum and with a faster retrieve, Sleeper Gill swims with strong tail kick and a touch of body roll, flashing its intricate detail across a wide area. 

When regular swim baits and fast moving lures cant temp discerning predators, the sleeper Gill's unrivaled realism and enticing slow- retrieve ability conjure key bites. 


  • Patient- Pending Weed Gaurd Fin
  • Enticing Tail-Kick With A Touch Of Body Roll
  • Bottom Stand Up Ability

13 Models Available

Model Style Color Weight Stock Price Qty
4314050003 03 Gill 3/4 oz In Stock: 5+ $9.99
4314050004 04 Wild Gill 3/4 oz In Stock: 5+ $9.99
4314050005 05 Glitter Wild Gill 3/4 oz In Stock: 5+ $9.99
4314050006 06 Glitter Noike Gill 3/4 oz In Stock: 5+ $9.99
4314050007 07 Pumpkin Seed 3/4 oz In Stock: 5+ $9.99
4314050008 08 Black Gill 3/4 oz In Stock: 5+ $9.99
4314050009 09 Pink Back Gill 3/4 oz In Stock: 5+ $9.99
4314050010 10 Ghost Lime Chartreuse 3/4 oz In Stock: 5+ $9.99
4314050011 11 MB Gizzard 3/4 oz In Stock: 5+ $9.99
4314050012 12 Brownie 3/4 oz In Stock: 5+ $9.99
4314050013 13 Secret Gill 3/4 oz In Stock: 5+ $9.99
4314050014 14 Gillkko 3/4 oz Out of Stock $9.99
4314050015 15 Sunshine Gill 3/4 oz In Stock: 5+ $9.99

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Megabass Sleeper Gill - 03
Megabass Sleeper Gill - 03
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