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Megabass Dog-X Jr. Coayu (BFS)

Model: 0191952348
Style: 2348
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The DOG-X JR COAYU is a small baitfish-sized walking bait equipped with Megabass’ patented moving balancer systems for unrivaled action. Featuring a SIDE-STEPPING MOVING BALANCER (PAT.) that throws its weight to the left and right to power dynamic, hard-cutting turns, COAYU demonstrates that smaller baits can deliver outsized action.The smooth-sliding action of the DOG-X Jr. COAYU cuts an enticing line across glassy waters, calling predators with mesmerizing cadence and detail. Speed up the retrieve and/or increase the power of each twitch, and COAYU bursts to life with frantic baitfish-like action and appeal. Finished with a tail-mounted lateral moving balancer, COAYU casts with distance and precision and gives off a compelling “click/knock” sound with each twitch.

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8 Models Available

Model Style Colors Stock Price Qty
0191952348 2348 Wakasagi Low Stock: <5 $17.99
0191952349 2349 Takumi Setsuki Ayu Low Stock: <5 $17.99
0191952350 2350 GG Wakasagi In Stock: 5+ $17.99
0191952351 2351 GLXS Spawn Cherry In Stock: 5+ $17.99
0191952352 2352 HT Ito Tennessee Shad In Stock: 5+ $17.99
0191952353 2353 Laser Beam In Stock: 5+ $17.99
0191952357 2357 Bahama Milk Pearl Low Stock: <5 $17.99
0191952358 2358 GG Wild Gill In Stock: 5+ $17.99

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Megabass Dog-X Jr. Coayu (BFS) - 2348
Megabass Dog-X Jr. Coayu (BFS) - 2348
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