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Megabass Hazedong Shad

Model: 0181841632
Style: 32
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Stock: 5+
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The super-thin shad tail catches the water even during dead-slow retrieves and delicate shaking, triggering targets with its natural vibrations. The slits in the belly allow the body to compress when bitten, increasing hookup rates. Adding an offset hook helps as well. Featuring layered material of different densities, the HAZEDONG SHAD is able to maintain excellent stability even when used with no sinker rigs. In addition, this layering process allows for incredibly natural two-tone color patterns. Its bite-getting performance has been proven in tournaments! A shad tail that anyone can use!

NO SINKER RIG - No sinker rigs highlight the HAZEDONG SHAD’s natural actions, and are great for clear water presentations, delivering bites in even the toughest conditions.

JIG HEAD RIG - Ideal for long mid-range retrieves, strolling, and retrieves punctuated by gentle shakes of the rod, the natural flashing and action created by the flat-side body will lure bass in.

DOWN SHOT RIG - Versatile performance to lure in bites from all targets. The tail creates delicate vibrations and appeals to predators.

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9 Models Available

Model Style Color Length Stock Price Qty
0181810190 90 Green Pumpkin Shad 3in Out of Stock $7.99
0181810640 40 Ghost Shad 3in In Stock: 5+ $7.99
0181810688 88 Moroko 3in Out of Stock $7.99
0181841632 32 Tennessee Shad 3in In Stock: 5+ $7.99
0181841634 34 Shio Kosho 3in Out of Stock $7.99
0391110190 90 Green Pumpkin Shad 4.2in In Stock: 5+ $8.99
0391110640 40 Ghost Shad 4.2in In Stock: 5+ $8.99
0391110688 88 Moroko 4.2in In Stock: 5+ $8.99
0391141638 38 Shio Kosho 4.2in In Stock: 5+ $8.99

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Megabass Hazedong Shad - 0181841632
Megabass Hazedong Shad - 0181841632
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