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Megabass GH45 Flatside

Model: 0441636612
Style: 12
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A downsized morsel of the gh50 in tough bite or small forage situations, the gh45 flatside minnow delivers a tight, ultra high-pitch action regardless of retrieve speed or current. The minnow profile’s flat sides give off outsized flash and displacement, drawing predatory feeders with aggression. Twitches of the rod generate a wide side-to-side darting action, emulating a natural, panicked reaction that activates neutral targets. Sculpted down to the smallest detail, each gh45 is hand finished in carefully selected japanese stream and river patterns to induce compulsive reaction bites.
Gh45 flatside hunts through rocks and current seams with a relentless, fast-paced action that triggers the natural predatory instincts of veteran trout. The floating variant can also draw unique strikes on a surface dead-drift or slow subsurface retrieve when forage rises in the water column. Proprietary barbless buddha treble hooks keep fish pinned throughout the fight and allow for a quick release of treasured catches.

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0441636610 10 Takumi Yamame Out of Stock $13.99
0441636611 11 Takumi Iwana Out of Stock $13.99
0441636612 12 Takumi Kawamasu Low Stock: <5 $13.99
0441636613 13 Takumi Sake Chigyo Low Stock: <5 $13.99
0441636614 14 Takumi Wakasagi Low Stock: <5 $13.99
0441636615 15 Takumi Setsuki Ayu Low Stock: <5 $13.99

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Megabass GH45 Flatside - 12
Megabass GH45 Flatside - 12
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