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Deps Wakasagi Bait

Model: WBS/01
Style: 01
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Match the hatch with the Wakasagi bait. It is an i-shaped lipless minnow that has a unique body shape that allows you to imitate an escaping baitifsh. There are two models, both floating and sinking. The floating model produces a wake with a stable i-shaped action to draw big fish. It can also be dead-sticked on the surface. The bait then flutters and starts to make a commotion. The square body, which is small and slender in shape, has room to easily set weights. It has a sharp action and buoyancy but also casts very well. The mold was designed to reduce water flow and create a darting and skating action. The unique tinsel tail acts as a stabilizer that suppresses unnatural vibration from waves and wind, and keeps the lure stable in all conditions. It also adds a little bit of flash to get more bites.

Length: 2.5"

California Proposition 65 Warning
These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information visit:

8 Models Available

Model Style Color Type Weight Stock Price Qty
WBF/01 01 Half Mirror Wakasagi Floating 0.12oz Out of Stock $21.99
WBF/02 02 Flash Wakasagi Floating 0.12oz Low Stock: <5 $21.99
WBF/03 03 Clear Baitfish Floating 0.12oz Low Stock: <5 $21.99
WBF/08 08 Purple Minnow Floating 0.12oz Low Stock: <5 $21.99
WBS/01 01 Half Mirror Wakasagi Sinking 0.15oz Low Stock: <5 $21.99
WBS/02 02 Flash Wakasagi Sinking 0.15oz Low Stock: <5 $21.99
WBS/03 03 Clear Baitfish Sinking 0.15oz Out of Stock $21.99
WBS/08 08 Purple Minnow Sinking 0.15oz Low Stock: <5 $21.99

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Deps Wakasagi Bait - 01
Deps Wakasagi Bait - 01
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