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Thomas Speedy Shiner

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California Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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The Speedy Shiner is a highly effective lightweight trolling spoon for all types of game fish, especially trout, landlocked salmon, and kokanee.  It is constructed of quality solid brass and has stainless steel split rings and extra-strong VMC Cone-Cut® hooks that grab and hold!  Highly reflective plated and embossed scale pattern surface, and durable painted finishes, create an enticing flash that attracts even the wariest of fish and triggers them to strike.   The Speedy Shiner is effective at any speed, but is most deadly when trolled quite rapidly. Made in the U.S.A.

48 Models Available

Model Style Color Size Stock Price Qty
C20-BBG BBG Bubblegum 1/6 Out of Stock $3.99
C20-BBY BBY Blackberry 1/6 Out of Stock $3.99
C20-BT BT Brown Trout 1/6 In Stock: 5+ $3.99
C20-C C Copper 1/6 In Stock: 5+ $3.99
C20-CFR CFR Copper Fluorescent Red 1/6 Out of Stock $3.99
C20-CHD CHD Chartreuse Dots 1/6 In Stock: 5+ $3.99
C20-FRG FRG Red Dot Frog 1/6 In Stock: 5+ $3.99
C20-FT FT Fire Tiger 1/6 In Stock: 5+ $3.99
C20-G G Gold 1/6 Out of Stock $3.99
C20-GR GR Gold/Red 1/6 Out of Stock $3.99
C20-N N Nickel 1/6 In Stock: 5+ $3.99
C20-NCH NCH Nickel/Chartreuse 1/6 Low Stock: <5 $3.99
C20-PCH PCH Perch 1/6 Out of Stock $3.99
C20-PD PD Pearl Dots 1/6 Out of Stock $3.99
C20-PS PS Pink/Silver 1/6 Out of Stock $3.99
C20-RR RR Red Racer 1/6 In Stock: 5+ $3.99
C20-RT RT Rainbow Trout 1/6 Out of Stock $3.99
C20-SB SB Silver/Blue 1/6 Out of Stock $3.99
C20-SRC SRC Sunrise Copper 1/6 In Stock: 5+ $3.99
C20-WB WB Wonder Bread 1/6 Out of Stock $3.99
C20-WM WM Waterlmelon 1/6 Out of Stock $3.99
C20-WRD WRD White/Red Dots 1/6 In Stock: 5+ $3.99
C20FR FR Flo Red 1/6oz Out of Stock $3.99
C21-C C Copper 1/4 Out of Stock $3.99
C21-CFR CFR Copper Fluorescent Red 1/4 In Stock: 5+ $3.99
C21-FR FR Red Dot Frog 1/4 Out of Stock $3.99
C21-FT FT Fire Tiger 1/4 Out of Stock $3.99
C21-G G Gold 1/4 Low Stock: <5 $3.99
C21-GR GR Gold/Red 1/4 Out of Stock $3.99
C21-N N Nickel 1/4 Out of Stock $3.99
C21-NCH NCH Nickel/Chartreuse 1/4 Low Stock: <5 $3.99
C21-PS PS Pink/Silver 1/4 Out of Stock $3.99
C21-RT RT Rainbow Trout 1/4 Out of Stock $3.99
C21-SB SB Silver/Blue 1/4 Out of Stock $3.99
C21-WM WM Watermelon 1/4 Out of Stock $3.99
C21-WRD WRD White/Red Dots 1/4 In Stock: 5+ $3.99
C21FRG FRG Red Dot Frog 1/4oz Out of Stock $3.99
C22-C C Copper 3/8 In Stock: 5+ $4.59
C22-CFR CFR Copper Fluorescent Red 3/8 Low Stock: <5 $4.59
C22-FT FT Fire Tiger 3/8 In Stock: 5+ $4.59
C22-G G Gold 3/8 In Stock: 5+ $4.59
C22-GR GR Gold/Red 3/8 Out of Stock $4.59
C22-N N Nickel 3/8 In Stock: 5+ $4.59
C22-NCH NCH Nickel/Chartreuse 3/8 Out of Stock $4.59
C22-RT RT Rainbow Trout 3/8 In Stock: 5+ $4.59
C22-SB SB Silver/Blue 3/8 In Stock: 5+ $4.59
C22WM WM Watermelon 3/8oz Out of Stock $4.59
C22WRD WRD White/Red Dots 3/8oz Out of Stock $4.59

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Thomas Speedy Shiner - BT
Thomas Speedy Shiner - BT
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