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P-Line Tinsel Inserts 3pk.

P-Line Tinsel Inserts 3pk. - PI45-207, Color: Green, Chartreuse, Silver Crystal Flash, Price: $3.99, Stock: 24

P-Line Tinsel Inserts 3pk. - PI45-208, Color: Red, Rainbow, Crystal Flash, Price: $3.99, Stock: 19

P-Line Tinsel Inserts 3pk. - PI45-214, Color: Metallic Silver, Price: $3.99, Stock: 18

P-Line Tinsel Inserts 3pk. - PI45-216, Color: Pink Mylar, Price: $3.99, Stock: 12

P-Line Tinsel Inserts 3pk. - PI45-217, Color: Rainbow Natural Mylar, Price: $3.99, Stock: 0

P-Line Tinsel Inserts 3pk. - PI45-218, Color: Light Blue, Price: $3.99, Stock: 24

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P-Line Tinsel Inserts added to the inside of any squid bait will enhance the look and action of the bait. By using a combination of mylar, and crystal flash, which are then embedded in a soft rubber head, these inserts are easy to use, and extremely effective. These P-Line Tinsel Inserts are the perfect way enhance the action and add extra fish-attracting flash to strip rigs, ballyhoo or live bait rigs. Made with a combination of mylar and crystal flash which are embedded into the soft rubber head, our Tinsel Inserts produce a dramatic, pulsating action. Excellent choice for kingfish! Length: 5''
  • Use to strip ballyhoo or live bait rigs
  • Mylar and crystal flash embedded in soft rubber head
  • Dramatic pulsating action
  • Great for kingfish

6 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
PI45-207 Green, Chartreuse, Silver Crystal Flash In Stock: 5+ $3.99
PI45-208 Red, Rainbow, Crystal Flash In Stock: 5+ $3.99
PI45-214 Metallic Silver In Stock: 5+ $3.99
PI45-216 Pink Mylar In Stock: 5+ $3.99
PI45-217 Rainbow Natural Mylar Out of Stock $3.99
PI45-218 Light Blue In Stock: 5+ $3.99
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