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P-Line Predator Deep Diving

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The P-Line Predator is a deep diving, broken back minnow with an action that makes it irresistible to many species of game fish. Trolled at 3mph with 100 feet of line, the P-Line Predator will dive 12 to 13 feet. These lures are catching fish from coast to coast, in both salt and fresh water, under any conditions. Features: One piece mold injection, a single wire running from the bill to the rear hook for added strength, laser finishes on some models, laser glass eyes, 5.5" body, VMC hooks, and two rattle chambers.

31 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
PPDD-01 Silver/Green/Orage In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-02 White/Red In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-03 Pink/Silver/Black In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-04 Pink/Silver/Red Head In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-05 Chartreuse w/Red Head In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-06 Silver/Black In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-08 Silver/Blue/Orange In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-09 Chartreuse/Red/Green In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-10 Chartreuse/Orange In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-11 Silver Blue In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-12 Rainbow Trout In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-13 Red/Pearl/White In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-15 Green/Chartreuse/Pearl In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-101 Purple Lightning In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-102 Black Lightning In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-105 Dorado Out of Stock $6.99
PPDD-106 Sardine In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-107 Zucchini Out of Stock $6.99
PPDD-108 Chovy Supreme In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-109 Green Mackerel In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-120 Cotton Candy In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-121 Silver/Yellow/Red Head In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-122 Tennessee Shad In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-123 Firetiger In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-130 Chartreuse/Silver/Orange In Stock: 5+ $6.99
PPDD-131 Black Turquoise Out of Stock $6.99
PPDD-140 Flame Red Head In Stock: 5+ $7.99
PPDD-142 Transparent White In Stock: 5+ $7.99
PPDD-144 Purple Chartreuse In Stock: 5+ $7.99
PPDD-146 Blue Back Green In Stock: 5+ $7.99
PPDD-148 Blue Black In Stock: 5+ $7.99

Other P-Line Freshwater Available

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