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Missile Baits D Stroyer

Missile Baits D Stroyer - MBDS70-BRF, Color: Bruiser Flash, Price: $4.99, Stock: 0

Missile Baits D Stroyer - MBDS70-CALV, Color: California Love, Price: $4.99, Stock: 4

Missile Baits D Stroyer - MBDS70-CNGR, Color: Candy Grass, Price: $4.99, Stock: 1

Missile Baits D Stroyer - MBDS70-GP, Color: Green Pumpkin, Price: $4.99, Stock: 14

Missile Baits D Stroyer - MBDS70-GPF, Color: Green Pumpkin Flash, Price: $4.99, Stock: 3

Missile Baits D Stroyer - MBDS70-SBG, Color: Super Bug, Price: $4.99, Stock: 4

Missile Baits D Stroyer - MBDS70-WMR, Color: Watermelon Red, Price: $4.99, Stock: 15

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The D Stroyer from Missile Baits is a monster creature bait with big appendages and twin tails on the rear that won't stop moving. With tails extended, this versatile bait measures nearly 7" in length—the perfect size for attracting large bass. A ribbed body holds the hook firmly and allows for quick hook penetration. The D Stroyer is ideal for pitching, flipping, punching, Carolina rigging, or when fished on a wobble head jig.
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7 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
MBDS70-BRF Bruiser Flash Out of Stock $4.99
MBDS70-CALV California Love Low Stock: <5 $4.99
MBDS70-CNGR Candy Grass Low Stock: <5 $4.99
MBDS70-GP Green Pumpkin In Stock: 5+ $4.99
MBDS70-GPF Green Pumpkin Flash Low Stock: <5 $4.99
MBDS70-SBG Super Bug Low Stock: <5 $4.99
MBDS70-WMR Watermelon Red In Stock: 5+ $4.99
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