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Keitech Fat Swing Impact

400 FSI3.8
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The Keitech Fat Swing Impact  offers anglers an extremely versatile bait that can be utilized with a number of techniques and in almost any scenario. The Keitech Fat Swing Impact is thicker than the original, but just as deadly on A-rigs, jigs, spinnerbaits, Texas-rigs, and Carolina Rigs. No matter how its fished, the beefed up paddle tail of the Keitech Fat Swing Impact creates a distinct swinging action that fish find irresistible. The Keitech Fat Swing Impact is also made with a special dual-injection molding process, which combines two different salted plastics and gives it a well-balanced action at any speed. Impregnated with a heavy dose of squid scent as well, the Keitech Fat Swing Impact is sure to become a familiar site in rod-lockers and stowaways everywhere.

15 Models Available

Model Color Length Stock Price Qty
400 FSI3.8 Ayu 3.8" In Stock: 5+ $7.49
400 FSI4.8 Ayu 4.8" In Stock: 5+ $7.49
416 FSI3.3 Silver Flash 3.3" In Stock: 5+ $5.99
416 FSI4.3 Silver Flash 4.3" In Stock: 5+ $6.99
416 FSI4.8 Silver Flash 4.8" In Stock: 5+ $7.49
420 FSI3.3 Pro Blue Red Pearl 3.3" In Stock: 5+ $5.99
420 FSI4.3 Pro Blue Red Pearl 4.3" In Stock: 5+ $6.99
426 FSI3.3 Sexy Shad 3.3" In Stock: 5+ $5.99
426 FSI3.8 Hasu Silver Shiner 3.8" In Stock: 5+ $6.99
426 FSI4.3 Sexy Shad 4.3" In Stock: 5+ $6.99
426 FSI4.8 Hasu Silver Shiner 4.8" Out of Stock $7.49
431 FSI3.8 Silver Shiner 3.8" In Stock: 5+ $7.49
436 FSI3.8 Black Shad 3.8" Out of Stock $7.49
439 FSI3.3 Rainbow Shad 3.3" Out of Stock $5.99
439 FSI4.3 Rainbow Shad 4.3" In Stock: 5+ $6.99

Other Keitech Freshwater Available

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