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Keitech Easy Shiner

Style: ES2420
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WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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The Keitech Easy Shiner combines the body of the Shad Impact with the fantastic tail action of the swing impact. These versatile swimbaits come in three sizes to match any fishing conditions. Keitech’s original two-tine color injection process uses many different types of salted plastic to achieve fantastic balance and action. These baits can be fished many ways. The 2" is truly a finesse bait. Try it on a small jig head with light line for slab crabbies. The 3” works great on a small round jig head or fished on a drop shot. The 4” has produced some outstanding results on the jig head, texas rigged and on an umbrella rig. The 5” can be fished in all the same ways as the 4”, but it’s also produced some excellent results flipping and pitching. The Easy Shiner has a wide-wobbling rolling action that drives predator fish wild!

Items per pack; 2": 12 per pack; 3": 9 per pack; 4": 7 per pack; 5": pack of 6.

55 Models Available

Model Style Color Length Stock Price Qty
ES2416 ES2416 Silver Flash 2 Out of Stock $4.99
ES2418 ES2418 Bluegill Flash 2 Out of Stock $4.99
ES2420 ES2420 Pro Blue Red Pearl 2 In Stock: 5+ $4.99
ES2422 ES2422 Sight Flash 2 In Stock: 5+ $4.99
ES2426 ES2426 Sexy Shad 2 Low Stock: <5 $4.99
ES2440 ES2440 Electric Shad 2 In Stock: 5+ $4.99
ES2458 ES2458 Pearl Shad 2 Out of Stock $4.99
ES2470 ES2470 Shad 2 Out of Stock $4.99
ES2484 ES2484 Chartreuse Shad 2 Out of Stock $4.99
ES3416 ES3416 Silver Flash 3 In Stock: 5+ $4.99
ES3419 ES3419 Alewife 3 In Stock: 5+ $4.99
ES3422 ES3422 Sight Flash 3 In Stock: 5+ $4.99
ES3426 ES3426 Sexy Shad 3 In Stock: 5+ $4.99
ES3428 ES3428 Black Blue 3 In Stock: 5+ $4.99
ES3429 ES3429 Tennessee Shad 3 Out of Stock $4.99
ES3439 ES3439 Rainbow Shad 3 In Stock: 5+ $4.99
ES3440 ES3440 Electric Shad 3 In Stock: 5+ $4.99
ES3450 ES3450 Electric Blue Chartreuse 3 In Stock: 5+ $4.99
ES3458 ES3458 French Pearl 3 In Stock: 5+ $4.99
ES3470 ES3470 Shad 3 Out of Stock $4.99
ES3482 ES3482 Ghost Rainbow Trout 3 Out of Stock $4.99
ES3494 ES3494 Threadfin Shad 3 Out of Stock $4.99
ES4410 ES4410 Crystal Shad 4 Out of Stock $4.99
ES4416 ES4416 Silver Flash Minnow 4 Out of Stock $4.99
ES4419 ES4419 Alewife 4 Out of Stock $4.99
ES4420 ES4420 Pro Blue Red Pearl 4 Out of Stock $4.99
ES4422 ES4422 Sight Flash 4 Out of Stock $4.99
ES4426 ES4426 Sexy Shad 4 Out of Stock $4.99
ES4429 ES4429 Tennessee Shad 4 Out of Stock $4.99
ES4431 ES4431 Silver Shinner 4 Low Stock: <5 $4.99
ES4439 ES4439 Rainbow Shad 4 Out of Stock $4.99
ES4440 ES4440 Electric Shad 4 Out of Stock $4.99
ES4458 ES4458 French Pearl 4 In Stock: 5+ $4.99
ES4470 ES4470 Shad 4 Out of Stock $4.99
ES4473 ES4473 Morning Dawn 4 In Stock: 5+ $4.99
ES4482 ES4482 Ghost Rainbow Trout 4.5 Out of Stock $4.99
ES4484 ES4484 Chartreuse Shad 4 Out of Stock $4.99
ES4493 ES4493 Blue Black Herring 4 In Stock: 5+ $4.99
ES4494 ES4494 Threadfin Shad 4.5 Out of Stock $4.99
ES5416 ES5416 Silver Flash Minnow 5 Out of Stock $7.49
ES5420 ES5420 Pro Blue Red Pearl 5 In Stock: 5+ $7.49
ES5422 ES5422 Sight Flash 5 Out of Stock $7.49
ES5426 ES5426 Sexy Shad 5 Out of Stock $7.49
ES5429 ES5429 Tennessee Shad 5 Low Stock: <5 $7.49
ES5440 ES5440 Electric Shad 5 In Stock: 5+ $7.49
ES5458 French Pearl French Pearl 5" Out of Stock $7.49
ES5470 ES5470 Shad 5 In Stock: 5+ $7.49
ES5482 ES5482 Ghost Rainbow Trout 5 Out of Stock $7.49
ES5484 ES5484 Chartreuse Shad 5 In Stock: 5+ $7.49
ES5493 ES5493 Blue Black Herring 5 In Stock: 5+ $7.49
ES5494 ES5494 Threadfin Shad 5 Low Stock: <5 $7.49
ES35429 ES35429 Tennessee Shad 3.5 Out of Stock $4.99
ES45422 ES45422 Sight Fish 4.5 Out of Stock $4.99
ES45426 ES45426 Sexy Shad 4.5 Out of Stock $4.99
ES45470 ES45470 Shad 4.5 Out of Stock $4.99

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Keitech Easy Shiner - ES2420
Keitech Easy Shiner - ES2420
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