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Order Import Specification

Order imports are accomplished by uploading or pasting comma-delimited text (commonly known as a CSV, or Comma Separated Value, file) with a specific format. As with any CSV file, a separate item appears in each line and fields are separated with commas.

CSV Row Specification

Blank lines and lines beginning with a "#" character are skipped. All other lines must use following format:

Field #1 (Required) Field #2 (Required)
GTIN/UPC Desired Count

Field Definitions

Required. A valid, checksummed product code in GTIN format. GTIN-14 is preferred, but any checksum validated code is accepted from various UPC, EAN, UCC, ITF, or GTIN formats. All codes are extended to GTIN-14 format during the import. More information on GTIN codes here.
Desired Count
Required. How many of that item you wish to order.


# This is a comment line because it starts with a # character