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Witchcraft Decorator Tape

Chartreuse Crushed
Quantity on Hand

May be cut to any desired shape with a pocket knife or scissors. Easy to apply, self sticking, waterproof adhesive backing. Comes as 36 square inches. 3 - 2"x6" sheets.

32 Models Available

Model Color Pattern Stock Price Qty
Chartreuse Crushed Chartreuse Crushed In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Chartreuse Dots Chartreuse Dots In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Chartreuse Glitter Chartreuse Glitter Out of Stock $2.99
Chartreuse Horizontal Chartreuse Horizontal In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Chartreuse Solid Chartreuse Solid In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Chartreuse Squiggle Chartreuse Squiggle In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Gold Dots Gold Dots Out of Stock $2.99
Gold Horizontal Gold Horizontal In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Gold Overlaping Circles Gold Overlaping Circles In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Gold Squiggle Gold Squiggle In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Green Horizontal Green Horizontal In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Green Squiggle Green Squiggle In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Hot Red Solid Hot Red Solid In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Hot Yellow Overlaping Circles Hot Yellow Overlaping Circles Out of Stock $2.99
Light Pink Large Fish Scale Light Pink Large Fish Scale Out of Stock $2.99
Orange Crushed Orange Crushed In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Pearl Glitter Pearl Glitter Out of Stock $2.99
Pearl Transparent Pearl Transparent In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Pink & Blue Crushed Pink & Blue Crushed In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Pink Solid Pink Solid In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Red Chrome Red Chrome In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Red Dots Red Dots Out of Stock $2.99
Red Horizontal Red Horizontal In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Red Overlaping Circles Red Overlaping Circles Out of Stock $2.99
Silver Crushed Silver Crushed Out of Stock $2.99
Silver Dots Silver Dots In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Silver Holoform Silver Holoform In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Silver Horizontal Silver Horizontal In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Silver Overlaping Circles Silver Overlaping Circles In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Silver Plaid Silver Plaid In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Silver Squiggle Silver Squiggle In Stock: 5+ $2.99
Transparent Pearl Small Fish Scale Transparent Pearl Small Fish Scale In Stock: 5+ $2.99
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