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VMC Curl Tail Jig

VMC Curl Tail Jig - CTJ116GL, Color: Glow, Price: $2.99, Stock: 12

VMC Curl Tail Jig - CTJ116GLSH, Color: Glow Shiner, Price: $2.99, Stock: 16

VMC Curl Tail Jig - CTJ116PCGL, Color: Pink Chartreuse Glow, Price: $2.99, Stock: 12

VMC Curl Tail Jig - CTJ116RPRLGL, Color: Red Pearl Glow, Price: $2.99, Stock: 16

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The VMC® Curl Tail Jig is ready to fish from store to shore! Each jig is pre-rigged with the Trigger X® Curl Tail Minnow soft bait (also sold separately), and the long micro-thin tail swims with a light and subtle vibration perfectly matching that of a swimming or fleeing baitfish. The innovative Trigger X® material attracts fish and maximizes taste and texture to ensure when fish bite they hold on tight! The exclusive VMC Power Gap hook delivers a wider gap when compared to other competitive micro jigs in equal sizes greatly increasing your hook rate percentage. The Curl Tail is offered in a wide variety of traditional, fluorescent, and Ultra Glow colors.
  • Power Gap Hook
  • 5% Wider Gap than Traditional Jig Hooks
  • Pre-Rigged Trigger X® Curl Tail Body
  • Long Micro-Thin Tail Swims with a Light and Subtle Vibration
2 per pack

4 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
CTJ116GL Glow In Stock: 5+ $2.99
CTJ116GLSH Glow Shiner In Stock: 5+ $2.99
CTJ116PCGL Pink Chartreuse Glow In Stock: 5+ $2.99
CTJ116RPRLGL Red Pearl Glow In Stock: 5+ $2.99

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