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Sumo Iron Jigs

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Sumo makes some dandy gear, from their ring hooks to their fighting belts. They entered the ''iron'' business recently and approached things in a way to make a lot of folks glad. Their white seabass jigs have a great luminous finish on their backs. It's not a sticker but a heavy, coated paint job. The luminescence is so darn strong I'd bet a guy could put a couple of these in the pants pockets and forget about getting that vasectomy the misses has been suggesting... It's an established fact, pinning on a fresh dead, frozen or live squid to a jig like this is effective. It's a trusted way to hang a big croaker. Drop the bait down, give it a crank or two up, and stick the rod in the holder. Darn easy stuff. You've probably heard the buzz about these things, the lumo finish does indeed improve odds of success. Grab a couple and give 'em a try. Length: Jr. - 4.5'' 3 - 4.5'' 6 - 6'' 7 - 6.5"

28 Models Available

Model Color Size Stock Price Qty
00050 Chrome Green Mackerel 6 Out of Stock $9.99
00051 White w/Red Bolt 6 Out of Stock $9.99
00060 Blue White 6 Out of Stock $9.99
00062 Scrambled Egg 6 Out of Stock $9.99
00063 Dorado 6 Out of Stock $9.99
00064 Chrome 6 Out of Stock $9.99
00065 Blue Chrome 6 Out of Stock $9.99
00069 Chrome Blue Mackerel 6 Out of Stock $9.99
00070 Blue White Jr. Out of Stock $8.99
00072 Scrambled Egg Jr. Out of Stock $8.99
00073 Dorado Jr. Out of Stock $8.99
00074 Chrome Jr. Out of Stock $8.99
00075 Blue Chrome Jr. Out of Stock $8.99
00079 Chrome Blue Mackerel Jr. Out of Stock $8.99
00080 Chrome Green Mackerel Jr. Out of Stock $8.99
00081 White w/Red Bolt Jr. Out of Stock $8.99
00170 Blue White 7 Out of Stock $10.99
00172 Scrambled Egg 7 Out of Stock $10.99
00173 Dorado 7 Out of Stock $10.99
00174 Chrome 7 Out of Stock $10.99
00175 Blue Chrome 7 Out of Stock $10.99
00177 Chrome Green Mackerel 7 Out of Stock $10.99
00181 White w/Red Bolt 7 Out of Stock $10.99
00500 Blue White 3 Out of Stock $7.99
00504 Chrome 3 Out of Stock $7.99
00505 Blue Chrome 3 Out of Stock $8.00
00509 Chrome Blue Mackerel 3 Out of Stock $7.99
00510 Chrome Green Mackerel 3 Out of Stock $7.99
Sumo Iron Jigs
Sumo Iron Jigs
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