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Strike King XD10 Crankbait

Strike King XD10 Crankbait - HC10XD-517, Color: Tennessee Shad, Price: $14.99, Stock: 12

Strike King XD10 Crankbait - HC10XD-534, Color: Citrus Shad, Price: $14.99, Stock: 7

Strike King XD10 Crankbait - HC10XD-535, Color: Black Back Chartreuse, Price: $14.99, Stock: 6

Strike King XD10 Crankbait - HC10XD-538, Color: Chartreuse Sexy Shad, Price: $14.99, Stock: 14

Strike King XD10 Crankbait - HC10XD-570, Color: Pearl w/Black Splatter, Price: $14.99, Stock: 20

Strike King XD10 Crankbait - HC10XD-586, Color: Sexy Blue Back Herring, Price: $14.99, Stock: 12

Strike King XD10 Crankbait - HC10XD-590, Color: Sexy Shad, Price: $14.99, Stock: 15

Strike King XD10 Crankbait - HC10XD-650, Color: Chartreuse Perch, Price: $14.99, Stock: 18

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Phil Marks, one of the head lure designers at Strike King, recently caught some of his key fish with the Strike King 10XD Crankbait to take home the victory and $125,000 at 2012 FLW Tour Open on Sam Rayburn. A behemoth of a deep diving crank designed for targeting the biggest bass, the Strike King 10XD Crankbait measures in at 6-inches in length and easily hits the 25-foot mark on 14-lb fluorocarbon. It gets you in front of fish that you previously couldn’t reach with a crankbait, and also casts and pulls surprisingly easy for its size. Available in a range of colors, the Strike King 10XD is what you need when money is on the line - and you need that kicker fish. "The whole deal with the 10XD is that its size, depth capability, and action appeals to big bass. It catches the grade of fish that win tournaments and stories are told about," said Phil Marks. "It is perfect for situations such as what I faced at Rayburn. I knew that there were big bass in the area that I was fishing and I knew that I needed to catch them in order to win. The 10XD will do this for a lot people at a lot different venues in the future."
Length Weight Diving Depth
6" 1.92oz 25ft Plus

8 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
HC10XD-517 Tennessee Shad In Stock: 5+ $14.99
HC10XD-534 Citrus Shad In Stock: 5+ $14.99
HC10XD-535 Black Back Chartreuse In Stock: 5+ $14.99
HC10XD-538 Chartreuse Sexy Shad In Stock: 5+ $14.99
HC10XD-570 Pearl w/Black Splatter In Stock: 5+ $14.99
HC10XD-586 Sexy Blue Back Herring In Stock: 5+ $14.99
HC10XD-590 Sexy Shad In Stock: 5+ $14.99
HC10XD-650 Chartreuse Perch In Stock: 5+ $14.99
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