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Snag Proof Bleedin Frog

Snag Proof Bleedin Frog - Black, Color: Black, Price: $7.99, Stock: 12

Snag Proof Bleedin Frog - Chartreuse, Color: Chartreuse, Price: $7.99, Stock: 0

Snag Proof Bleedin Frog - Chicklet, Color: Chicklet, Price: $7.99, Stock: 0

Snag Proof Bleedin Frog - Mossback, Color: Mossback, Price: $7.99, Stock: 9

Snag Proof Bleedin Frog - Pearl, Color: Pearl, Price: $7.99, Stock: 2

Snag Proof Bleedin Frog - Tweety, Color: Tweety, Price: $7.99, Stock: 11

Snag Proof Bleedin Frog - Watermelon, Color: Watermelon, Price: $7.99, Stock: 0

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The Snag Proof Bleedin' Frog employs a custom-made wide-gap, red hook from OWNER. This premium hook gets more hook in the fish's mouth for better penetration. The red color is a proven fish attractant triggering the strike reflex as the fish goes after wounded prey. Red strands in the skirt add to the effect. The unique weighting system in the Bleedin' Frog allows it to walk in open water without any adjustments. The Bleedin' Frog moves side-to-side, or "walks" with ease. This action attracts fish and stimulates feeding. Great for open water and great for fishing the snaggy, weedy places where the big ones hide and feed. The Bleedin' Frog will bring you more strikes and catch more fish—guaranteed!
Weight Length
1/2 oz. 3?

7 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
Black Black In Stock: 5+ $7.99
Chartreuse Chartreuse Out of Stock $7.99
Chicklet Chicklet Out of Stock $7.99
Mossback Mossback In Stock: 5+ $7.99
Pearl Pearl Low Stock: <5 $7.99
Tweety Tweety In Stock: 5+ $7.99
Watermelon Watermelon Out of Stock $7.99
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