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Savage Gear Real Trout Swimbait

Savage Gear Real Trout Swimbait - 7" 1.5 oz., Length: 7", Weight: 1.5 oz., Price: $9.99, Stock: 0

Savage Gear Real Trout Swimbait - 8" 4.25 oz., Length: 8", Weight: 4.25 oz., Price: $9.99, Stock: 0

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Precise details coupled with innovative design set the Savage Gear Real Trout Swimbait apart from the rest. The Savage Gear Real Trout Swimbaits was created from 3-dimensional scans of actual trout. The first company to employ 3D scanning technology for this application, Savage Gear has created a swimbait with exact angles and curves that can't be matched by any hand-carved mold. Once scanned, the Real Trout Swimbait was fitted with a large paddle tail that makes a very attractive "big kickin" swimming action. Branching off of the traditional swimbait model, Savage Gear has also added a super sharp double frog hook to the swimbait's underside. The hook is kept in place by the a small "keeper fin" that's placed in front of the trout's pelvic fins. This fin fits in between the frog hook and holds it in place. Not one detail was overlooked in the creation of the Savage Gear Real Trout Swimbait, including the removal of markings that disappear during the 5-7" stage of maturation. The unmatched authenticity and improved design of the Savage Gear Real Trout Swimbait guarantee that your livewell will get filled.

2 Models Available

Model Length Weight Stock Price Qty
7" 1.5 oz. 7" 1.5 oz. Out of Stock $9.99
8" 4.25 oz. 8" 4.25 oz. Out of Stock $9.99

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