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Rapala Shadow Rap

Rapala Shadow Rap - SDR11 AS, Color: Albino Shiner, Price: $8.99, Stock: 6

Rapala Shadow Rap - SDR11 BBH, Color: Blue Back Herring, Price: $8.99, Stock: 15

Rapala Shadow Rap - SDR11 BN, Color: Bone, Price: $8.99, Stock: 15

Rapala Shadow Rap - SDR11 GH, Color: Ghost, Price: $9.99, Stock: 9

Rapala Shadow Rap - SDR11 OG, Color: Olive Green, Price: $8.99, Stock: 12

Rapala Shadow Rap - SDR11 S, Color: Silver, Price: $8.99, Stock: 15

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exclusive Living in the shadow world between life and death, the Rapala Shadow Rap combines both the vertical and horizontal struggles that a minnow exhibits when its life hangs in the balance. Sculpted with flat-sides, the Rapala Shadow Rap delivers an erratic darting action with minimal forward movement, so it can maintain the dance of death within a fish’s strike zone. Internally, the Rapala Shadow Rap is equipped with a fixed weighting system, which works like a minnow’s swim bladder, allowing it to sink with a slow-falling quiver – just like a dying baitfish. As it fades into the depths, the Rapala Shadow Rap snaps back to life with a flickering lunge that causes fish to come absolutely unglued. Armed with a trio of razor-sharp VMC trebles, the Rapala Shadow Rap knocks on death’s door with an expiring presentation that perfectly captures the subtleties of a dying baitfish as it fades into the “shadows.”
Length Weight Depth
4-1/4" 7/16oz 2-4ft

6 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
SDR11 AS Albino Shiner In Stock: 5+ $8.99
SDR11 BBH Blue Back Herring In Stock: 5+ $8.99
SDR11 BN Bone In Stock: 5+ $8.99
SDR11 GH Ghost In Stock: 5+ $9.99
SDR11 OG Olive Green In Stock: 5+ $8.99
SDR11 S Silver In Stock: 5+ $8.99
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