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Pucci Mickey Jig

Model: MJ15-CGB
Style: CGB
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Stock: 5+

The Pucci Mickey Jig Has Withstood the Test of Time, and Remained the Favorite Lure of Many Surf Fisherman. With a Chrome-Plated Lead Body, and an Aerodynamic Design, This Lure Will Reach Past the Breakers to Where the Fish are Holding. The Hook is Tied With White Bucktail for Added Attraction. Great for Stripers and Salmon on the Beach.

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20 Models Available

Model Style Color Size Stock Price Qty
MJ15-CGB CGB Chartreuse with Glow Belly 1.5oz In Stock: 5+ $6.49
MJ15-CGTS CGTS Chartreuse/Green with Tiger stripes 1.5oz In Stock: 5+ $6.49
MJ15-CR CR Chrome Rainbow 1.5oz In Stock: 5+ $6.49
MJ15-YP YP Yellow Pearl 1.5oz In Stock: 5+ $6.49
MJ15CHW CHW Chrome 1.5oz In Stock: 5+ $6.49
MJ20-CGB CGB Chartreuse with Glow Belly 2oz In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MJ20-CGTS CGTS Chartreuse/Green with Tiger Stripes 2oz In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MJ20-CR CR Chrome Rainbow 2oz In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MJ20-YP YP Yellow Pearl 2oz In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MJ20CHW CHW Chrome 2oz In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MJ25-CGB CGB Chartreuse with Glow Belly 2.5oz In Stock: 5+ $8.49
MJ25-CGTS CGTS Chartreuse/Green With Tiger Stripes 2.5oz In Stock: 5+ $8.49
MJ25-CR CR Chrome Rainbow 2.5oz In Stock: 5+ $8.49
MJ25-YP YP Yellow Pearl 2.5oz In Stock: 5+ $8.49
MJ25CHW CHW Chrome 2.5oz In Stock: 5+ $8.49
MJ30-CGB CGB Chartreuse with Glow Belly 3oz In Stock: 5+ $8.99
MJ30-CGTS CGTS Chartreuse/Green with Tiger Stripes 3oz In Stock: 5+ $8.99
MJ30-CR CR Chrome Rainbow 3oz In Stock: 5+ $8.99
MJ30-YP YP Yellow Pearl 3oz In Stock: 5+ $8.99
MJ30CHW CHW Chrome 3oz Low Stock: <5 $8.99

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Pucci Mickey Jig - CGB
Pucci Mickey Jig - CGB
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