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Pucci Crab Snare

Pucci Crab Snare - CS REC-6 Loop, , Price: $5.99, Stock: 101

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These are great for catching crab with a fishing rod and reel. Just put your favorite crab bait inside the cage, then attach this to your fishing line. Cast it out, and wait. If you feel movement on a tight line, those are crabs stepping through your loops trying to get at your bait in the cage. When that happens, pull sharply, and the loops will close around the crab's pincers, allowing you to simply reel those dudes in! Keep reeling without pausing, because if you stop, that will let em' get away. These Pucci Crab Snares feature 6 loops and come in a rectangular configuration.

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CS REC-6 Loop In Stock: 5+ $5.99

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