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Panther Martin Classic Spinners

Model: 2PMRG
Style: G
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Stock: 5+
California Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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Panther Martin's Classic patterns are time tested lures that are deadly on Stream and Lake Trout.

  • Unique Shaft through Blade Design creates Easiest and Fastest Spinning Action in the World
  • Convex Concave Blades Send out Sonic Vibrations that are Irresistable to Fish
  • Heavy Weighted Bodies Cast like Bullets and Go Down Deeper
  • Super Sharp Premium Quality Hooks Keep Fish Caught

28 Models Available

Model Style Color Size Stock Price Qty
1PMRG G Gold Black 1/32oz Out of Stock $4.99
1PMRS S Silver 1/32oz In Stock: 5+ $4.99
1PMRSALB RSAL-B Black 1/32oz In Stock: 5+ $4.99
1PMRSALG RSAL-G Gold 1/32oz In Stock: 5+ $4.99
1PMRSALS RSAL-S Silver 1/32oz In Stock: 5+ $4.99
2PMRG G Gold Black 1/16oz In Stock: 5+ $4.99
2PMRS S Silver 1/16oz Out of Stock $4.99
02PMRSAL-B RSAL-B Black 1/16oz In Stock: 5+ $4.99
2PMRSALG RSAL-G Gold 1/16oz In Stock: 5+ $4.99
2PMRSALS RSAL-S Silver 1/16oz In Stock: 5+ $4.99
4PMRG G Gold Black 1/8oz Out of Stock $4.99
4PMRS S Silver 1/8oz Out of Stock $4.99
04PMRSAL-B RSAL-B Black 1/8oz In Stock: 5+ $4.99
4PMRSALG RSAL-G Gold 1/8oz In Stock: 5+ $4.99
4PMRSALS RSAL-S Silver 1/8oz In Stock: 5+ $4.99
6 PMR SB SB Silver Black 1/4oz Out of Stock $4.97
6PMRG G Gold Black 1/4oz Low Stock: <5 $4.99
6PMRS S Silver 1/4oz Out of Stock $4.99
06PMRSAL-B RSAL-B Black 1/4oz In Stock: 5+ $4.99
6PMRSALG RSAL-G Gold 1/4oz In Stock: 5+ $4.99
6PMRSALS RSAL-S Silver 1/4oz In Stock: 5+ $4.99
9PMRG G Gold Black 3/8oz In Stock: 5+ $5.49
9PMRS S Silver 3/8oz In Stock: 5+ $5.49
09PMRSAL-B RSAL-B Black 3/8oz In Stock: 5+ $5.49
09PMRSAL-G RSAL-G Gold 3/8oz In Stock: 5+ $5.49
09PMRSAL-S RSAL-S Silver 3/8oz In Stock: 5+ $5.49
15PMRG G Gold Black 1/2oz Out of Stock $5.49
15PMRS S Silver 1/2oz Out of Stock $5.49

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Panther Martin Classic Spinners - 2PMRG
Panther Martin Classic Spinners - 2PMRG
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