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P-Line CX Premium

Model: CXFFL-6
Style: CF
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California Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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The P-Line Floroclear Fluorocarbon Coated Line - combine copolymer and fluorocarbon technologies to deliver a line that has the most desirable features for the serious angler. With a refractive index close to that of water Floroclear virtually disappears once it enters the water. Floroclear's low water absorption gives the line greater casting distance, durability, and knot strength.


23 Models Available

Model Style Color Length Pound Test Stock Price Qty
CXFFG-4 FG Flo Green 300yds 4 In Stock: 5+ $7.99
CXFFG-6 FG Flo Green 300yds 6 In Stock: 5+ $7.99
CXFFG-8 FG Flo Green 300yds 8 Low Stock: <5 $7.99
CXFFG-10 FG Flo Green 300yds 10 In Stock: 5+ $8.49
CXFFG-12 FG Flo Green 300yds 12 In Stock: 5+ $8.49
CXFFG-15 FG Flo Green 300yds 15 In Stock: 5+ $8.49
CXFFG-20 FG Flo Green 300yds 20 In Stock: 5+ $9.99
CXFFG-25 FG Flo Green 300yds 25 In Stock: 5+ $9.99
CXFFG-30 FG Flo Green 260yds 30 In Stock: 5+ $9.99
CXFFL-2 CF Clear Fluorescent 300yds 2 lb In Stock: 5+ $7.97
CXFFL-6 CF Clear Fluorescent 300yds 6lb Low Stock: <5 $7.97
CXFFL-8 CF Clear Fluorescent 300yds 8 lb In Stock: 5+ $7.97
CXFFL-10 CF Clear Fluorescent 300 Yds 10 lb In Stock: 5+ $8.47
CXFMG-2 MG Moss Green 300yds 2 In Stock: 5+ $7.99
CXFMG-4 MG Moss Green 300yds 4 In Stock: 5+ $7.99
CXFMG-6 MG Moss Green 300yds 6 In Stock: 5+ $7.99
CXFMG-8 MG Moss Green 300yds 8 Out of Stock $7.99
CXFMG-10 MG Moss Green 300yds 10 Out of Stock $8.49
CXFMG-12 MG Moss Green 300yds 12 Out of Stock $8.49
CXFMG-15 MG Moss Green 300yds 15 Low Stock: <5 $8.49
CXFMG-20 MG Moss Green 300yds 20 In Stock: 5+ $9.99
CXFMG-25 MG Moss Green 300yds 25 In Stock: 5+ $9.99
CXFMG-30 MG Moss Green 260yds 30 In Stock: 5+ $9.99

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P-Line CX Premium - CF
P-Line CX Premium - CF
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