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Mustad Rip Roller Slow Fall Jig

Model: MJIG04-BBP-300-1
Style: BBP
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Stock: 5+

The new Rip Roller Slow Fall Jig is built with a slim, streamlined profile for quick descent on a tight line. Its centered weight gives it a stable, but rapid rolling action on a slack line. Two contrasting colors on each side create a blinking flash that triggers strikes. Perfect for deep fish or heavy current! Features a 2X single 10816NP-DT hook.


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38 Models Available

Model Style Color Weight Stock Price Qty
MJIG04-BBP-250 BBP Blue/ Black/ Pink 9oz In Stock: 5+ $16.99
MJIG04-BBP-300-1 BBP Blue/Black/Pink 11oz In Stock: 5+ $17.99
MJIG04-BBP-400-1 BBP Blue Black Pink 15oz In Stock: 5+ $18.99
MJIG04-BBP-500-1 BBP Blue/Black/Pink 19oz In Stock: 5+ $19.99
MJIG04-FUG-250-1 FUG Fusilier Glitter 9oz In Stock: 5+ $16.99
MJIG04-FUG-300-1 FUG Fusilier Glitter 11oz In Stock: 5+ $17.99
MJIG04-FUG-400-1 FUG Fusilier Glitter 15oz In Stock: 5+ $18.99
MJIG04-FUG-500-1 FUG Fusilier Glitter 19oz In Stock: 5+ $19.99
MJIG04-GAB-250 GAB Gold Abalone 9oz In Stock: 5+ $16.99
MJIG04-GAB-300-1 GAB Gold Abolone 11oz In Stock: 5+ $17.99
MJIG04-GAB-400-1 GAB Gold Abolone 15oz In Stock: 5+ $18.99
MJIG04-GAB-500-1 GAB Gold Abalone 19oz Out of Stock $19.99
MJIG04-GLO-300-1 GLO Glow 11oz In Stock: 5+ $16.99
MJIG04-GLO-400-1 GLO Glow 15oz In Stock: 5+ $18.99
MJIG04-GLO-500-1 GLO Glow 19oz In Stock: 5+ $19.99
MJIG04-IRM-250-1 IRM Ironman 9oz In Stock: 5+ $16.99
MJIG04-IRM-300-1 IRM Ironman 11oz Low Stock: <5 $17.99
MJIG04-IRM-400-1 IRM Ironman 15oz Out of Stock $18.99
MJIG04-IRM-500-1 IRM Ironman 19oz In Stock: 5+ $19.99
MJIG04-LPK-250-1 LPK Lumo Polkadot 9oz In Stock: 5+ $16.99
MJIG04-LPK-300-1 LPK Lumo Polkadot 11oz Out of Stock $17.99
MJIG04-LPK-400-1 LPK Lumo Polkadot 15oz Out of Stock $18.99
MJIG04-LPK-500-1 LPK Lumo Polkadot 19oz Out of Stock $19.99
MJIG04-RBG-250-1 RBG Rainbow Glitter 9oz In Stock: 5+ $16.99
MJIG04-RBG-300-1 RBG Rainbow Glitter 11oz Low Stock: <5 $17.99
MJIG04-RBG-400-1 RBG Rainbow Glitter 15oz In Stock: 5+ $18.99
MJIG04-RBG-500-1 RBG Rainbow Glitter 19oz In Stock: 5+ $19.99
MJIG04-RST-300-1 RST Rasta 11oz In Stock: 5+ $16.99
MJIG04-RST-400-1 RST Rasta 15oz In Stock: 5+ $18.99
MJIG04-RST-500-1 RST Rasta 19oz In Stock: 5+ $19.99
MJIG04-SAG-250 SAG Sardine Glitter 9oz In Stock: 5+ $16.99
MJIG04-SAG-300-1 SAG Sardine Glitter 11oz In Stock: 5+ $17.99
MJIG04-SAG-400-1 SAG Sardine Glitter 15oz In Stock: 5+ $18.99
MJIG04-SAG-500-1 SAG Sardine Glitter 19oz In Stock: 5+ $19.99
MJIG04-SPB-250 SPB Silver/ Pink/ Blue 9oz In Stock: 5+ $16.99
MJIG04-SPB-300-1 SPB Silver/Pink/Blue 11oz In Stock: 5+ $17.99
MJIG04-SPB-400-1 SPB Silver/Pink/Blue 15oz Out of Stock $18.99
MJIG04-SPB-500-1 SPB Silver/Pink/Blue 19oz Out of Stock $19.99

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Mustad Rip Roller Slow Fall Jig - BBP
Mustad Rip Roller Slow Fall Jig - BBP
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