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Megabass Orochi X10 Spinning Rods

Model: F3.1/2-70XTS
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The X10 is the most significant rod in the Orochi’s storied history, opening the door of innovation to a future in which performance and environmental stewardship grow hand in hand. Driven by the Japanese government’s commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which focus on global goals of social, cultural, environmental and economic wellbeing, X10 integrates innovations in sustainable material to begin disrupting the carbon-intensive world of bass fishing rods.

X10 harnesses the high tensile strength of naturally occurring flax cellulose microfibrils, the orthogonal layers that provide much of the structure of plant walls. As some top automakers have started to deploy in their racecars, natural fiber is quickly emerging as a viable alternative to artificial carbon fiber in select applications, due to its superior vibration-damping and shock-absorbing characteristics.

X10 is by far the most sustainable, high-performance composite material ITO Engineering has worked with. Similar materials derived from natural fibers have started to take hold in specialized fields such as auto racing and aerospace, where boundary-pushing is often the only goal. Experimenting with this material throughout the blank production process, Megabass engineers utilized X10 as a finishing wrap from the blank’s mid-section to the rear grip, where the shaft is put under the most stress.

The Orochi X10’s tip section leverages the ultra-lightweight carbon graphite of the Destroyer® series. Produced with a special composite method, this premium carbon material delivers the kind of sharp sensitivity and crisp control that has led to the Destroyer®’s legendary outperformance. Wrapped around this high-performance core from the mid-section through the end of the rod is the X10 organic fiber composite. With its superior damping control, it targets the blank’s axial shake to reduce unwanted “noise,” enabling a more direct and intuitive connection between angler and equipment.

The time has come to unleash the Orochi X10 and awaken dormant spirits.

Open the door to another world.

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2 Models Available

Model Action Length Line Weight Lure Weight Power Sections Style Stock Price Qty
F3.1/2-70XTS Medium Fast 7' 6-16 lb 1/8-5/8 oz ML 1 Jadepython Low Stock: <5 $399.00
F3ST-611XTS Extra Fast 6'11" 4-12 lb 1/8-1/2 oz L 1 Medusa Low Stock: <5 $399.00

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Megabass Orochi X10 Spinning Rods
Megabass Orochi X10 Spinning Rods
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