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Lip Ripperz Trout Wormz

Lip Ripperz Trout Wormz - TWZ1-OS, Color: Orange Silver, Price: $3.99, Stock: 0

Lip Ripperz Trout Wormz - TWZ6-WL, Color: White Lightning, Price: $3.99, Stock: 0

Lip Ripperz Trout Wormz - TWZ7-HP, Color: Hot Pink Trout Worm, Price: $3.99, Stock: 0

Lip Ripperz Trout Wormz - TWZ8-SC, Color: Strawberry Cream, Price: $3.99, Stock: 0

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Introduced in 2004 and a staple for many of our fans. These Trout Worms are perfect finesse drop shot baits for Trout, Bass and Crappie a like. When fish start to get finicky or lethargic, a drop shotted Trout Worm should be your go to bait, as you are able to keep it in the strike zone for longer periods of time. Toss out, let sink to the bottom, and twitch very, very, slowly. A seldom pause will often get you bit by even the laziest of fish.
QTY Per Pack Length
12 2 1/2?

4 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
TWZ1-OS Orange Silver Out of Stock $3.99
TWZ6-WL White Lightning Out of Stock $3.99
TWZ7-HP Hot Pink Trout Worm Out of Stock $3.99
TWZ8-SC Strawberry Cream Out of Stock $3.99
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