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Kevin VanDam's Line & Lure Conditioner

Kevin VanDam's Line & Lure Conditioner - Variant #1, , Price: $9.99, Stock: 21

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Pro bass fishermen are always on the lookout for anything that will give us an advantage over our competition. The right lure combined with the proper presentation is key to winning tournaments. Presentation is as much about your equipment working efficiently and consistently as it is about skill. For year's fisherman have relied on silicone based treatments in an effort to reduce line drag and line guide resistance during casting. * Cast 25-30% further.......guaranteed! * Virtually eliminates line memory, backlash, tangles, and twists * Restores new line performance to old tired line * Fights saltwater corrosion * Leaves no oily residues or scents like other line treatments * Contains no polluting petroleum distillates as in other conditioners * Fights fading of tackle with high sunscreen * Reduces water spotting on electronics & sunglasses * Eliminates odors in confined spaces * Environmentally safe - non-toxic * Superior Fly Line Dressing * Unsurpassed performance in ice fishing

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