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Ima Little Stick

Ima Little Stick - ILS-105, Color: American Shad, Price: $9.99, Stock: 0

Ima Little Stick - ILS-109, Color: Ghost Minnow, Price: $9.99, Stock: 2

Ima Little Stick - ILS-135, Color: Bone, Price: $9.99, Stock: 16

Ima Little Stick - ILS-153, Color: Blue Back Herring, Price: $9.99, Stock: 0

Ima Little Stick - ILS-185, Color: Chrome, Price: $9.99, Stock: 0

Ima Little Stick - ILS-186, Color: About Shad, Price: $9.99, Stock: 0

Ima Little Stick - ILS-189, Color: Toucan, Price: $9.99, Stock: 0

Ima Little Stick - ILS-190, Color: Sexy Minnow, Price: $9.99, Stock: 0

Ima Little Stick - ILS-191, Color: Real Ghost Shad, Price: $9.99, Stock: 0

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    Ima Japan brings to market the Little Stik 135, a smaller version of the topwater Big Stick.

The Ima Little Stik 135 is  more of a tournament-sized bait. You’ll be able to use it coast to coast, from brim beds to the shad spawn, and of course the blueback lakes are where it’ll really be a big deal.

Just like its bigger brother, The Big Stik, the Litte Stik is a high-tech lunker-killer that walks, pops, spits and catches just about anything that swims.  It’s rear weighted, making it easier to cast and enabling it to sit in a position that as soon as you start your retrieve, it starts to walk and throw water up to 2 feet in front of the lure. Professional Angler & Guide, Randy Pringle, designed this bait so novice anglers and experts alike can make the bait walk back and forth to resemble an injured or feeding baitfish.

Length Weight
5-1/2? 1 oz.

9 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
ILS-105 American Shad Out of Stock $9.99
ILS-109 Ghost Minnow Low Stock: <5 $9.99
ILS-135 Bone In Stock: 5+ $9.99
ILS-153 Blue Back Herring Out of Stock $9.99
ILS-185 Chrome Out of Stock $9.99
ILS-186 About Shad Out of Stock $9.99
ILS-189 Toucan Out of Stock $9.99
ILS-190 Sexy Minnow Out of Stock $9.99
ILS-191 Real Ghost Shad Out of Stock $9.99

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