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Ima Finesse Popper

Model: IP65/104
Stock: < 5

The ima Finesse Popper is a bite-sized lure that catches big bass. It can be popped like a traditional topwater popper with short spurts or graceful glides, but can also be walked side-to-side with ease. “It pops and spits water, walks and chugs.

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8 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
IP65/103 Bluegill Out of Stock $9.99
IP65/104 Chartreuse Shad Low Stock: <5 $9.99
IP65/135 Bone Out of Stock $9.99
IP65/145 Black Widow Out of Stock $9.99
IP65/190 Sexy Minnow Out of Stock $9.99
IP65/191 Real Ghost Shad Out of Stock $9.99
IP65/195 OG Ghost Minnow Out of Stock $9.99
IP65/197 Blue Head Black Back Ghost In Stock: 5+ $9.99

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Ima Finesse Popper - IP65/104
Ima Finesse Popper - IMA_p_104_2
Ima Finesse Popper - IP65/104
Ima Finesse Popper - IMA_p_104_2
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