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Ima Big Stick

Ima Big Stick - IBS-105, Color: American Shad, Price: $19.98, Stock: 0

Ima Big Stick - IBS-109, Color: Ghost Minnow, Price: $19.98, Stock: 0

Ima Big Stick - IBS-143, Color: Ghost Blue Back, Price: $19.98, Stock: 0

Ima Big Stick - IBS-155, Color: Trash Fish, Price: $19.98, Stock: 0

Ima Big Stick - IBS-156, Color: White w/Red Head, Price: $19.98, Stock: 0

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Noted California guide and multi-species expert Randy Pringle played a critical role in developing the Big Stick, and he's ecstatic with the way it has turned out. It has thru-wire construction, heavier split rings and quality hooks, just like every IMA lure, he said. So it will stand up to any big fish. It'll be deadly in the bass market , in the saltwater market, and the muskie and pike guys up north are going to be thrilled. Pringle said that the lures dual sound chambers allow it to be popped subtly or worked faster to make it the loudest plug you've ever heard. It'll spit like a magnum popper, walk like the hardest-sashaying walking bait, and anglers needn't be experts to make it do its thing. Just like the IMA Skimmer, it's easy for the average Joe to walk this lure," Pringle added. For the freshwater angler, there are trout colors for the California lunker hunters, shad and herring colors that are deadly in places like the Carolinas, where the blueback herring spawn is a way of life.
Length Weight
8? 1-3/4 oz.

5 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
IBS-105 American Shad Out of Stock $19.98
IBS-109 Ghost Minnow Out of Stock $19.98
IBS-143 Ghost Blue Back Out of Stock $19.98
IBS-155 Trash Fish Out of Stock $19.98
IBS-156 White w/Red Head Out of Stock $19.98
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