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Heddon Crazy Crawler

Heddon Crazy Crawler - X9120 BF, Color: Bull Frog, Price: $7.49, Stock: 0

Heddon Crazy Crawler - X9120 BWH, Color: Black Hornet, Price: $7.49, Stock: 5

Heddon Crazy Crawler - X9120 GRA, Color: Fluorescent Green Crawdad, Price: $7.49, Stock: 0

Heddon Crazy Crawler - X9120 PM, Color: Glo Black Frog, Price: $7.49, Stock: 0

Heddon Crazy Crawler - X9120 XRW, Color: Red Shore Minnow, Price: $7.49, Stock: 6

Heddon Crazy Crawler - X9120 YRH, Color: Yellow Hornet, Price: $7.49, Stock: 2

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Heddon's popular "splashers" the legendary Crazy Crawler, has been producing big fish for avid users for over half a century. These wild-acting topwater lures literally crawl across surface, creating a trail of splashing action as they go. Their perfectly tuned metal wings splash from side-to-side to create a cadence on the water that drives all species wild. The explosive strikes they prompt are heart-pounding thrillers. Heddon's Crazy Crawler provides just the right action for almost every fishing condition.
Model Length Weight Hooks
X9120 2-3/8? 5/8 oz. #2

6 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
X9120 BF Bull Frog Out of Stock $7.49
X9120 BWH Black Hornet Low Stock: <5 $7.49
X9120 GRA Fluorescent Green Crawdad Out of Stock $7.49
X9120 PM Glo Black Frog Out of Stock $7.49
X9120 XRW Red Shore Minnow In Stock: 5+ $7.49
X9120 YRH Yellow Hornet Low Stock: <5 $7.49
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