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Frenzy Wacky O-Rings

Model: PWOKB-O
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Perfect Wacky ORings & Wacky Saddles

Why Wacky Saddles and Perfect O-Rings you ask? Because wacky rigging plastic baits can get expensive. It seems like with every bite, your bait pays the price, and you end up going back to the bag for another, and another, and another... That is, until the Wacky Saddle and the Perfect Wacky ORings came along. Even better than your standard o-rings for wacky rigging Senkos, various stick baits, and even smaller worms, the Wacky Saddle and Perfect Wacky ORings feature a unique design that easily and securely holds your wacky rigged baits, while also providing a designated hook slot to rig your hook perpendicular to the worm. This translates into a killer wacky rig presentation, a higher hook up ratio, and fewer baits getting torn apart. You dont know what youre missing, and how much money youre wasting until you try the Wacky Saddle Kit and the Perfect Wacky ORings. The Wacky Saddle and the Perfect Wacky Orings are designed to keep your hook perpendicular to your worm without having to slide the hook under the Oring.  The Wacky Saddle with its unique saddle and the Perfect Wacky Oring with its small attached oring both keep your hook in the perfect position for a hookup and help you land more fish on one worm. As they say necessity is the mother of invention, and as the productivity of the Wacky Rig technique grew so did the frustrations of many an angler.  The brain child of fishing legend, professional angler and lure designer Fred Ward, the Wacky Saddle and Perfect ORing products were such a simple answer to so many lost baits and fish.  Fred's products hit the market in 2012 and have been sold and used by anglers all over the country.

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Frenzy Wacky O-Rings
Frenzy Wacky O-Rings
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