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Duo Realis Jerkbait 120SP

Style: Chart Gill Halo
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Made in Japan with high quality components and advanced engineering, the Duo Realis Jerkabit 120SP means business. Built with a bold, flat-sided body, the Realis Jerkabit 120SP produces an intense flash that will be sure to gain any fish's attention. The sound performance of the Realis Jerkbait 120SP is also second-to-none. Included in each bait are four rattling weights, two tungsten for a low pitch tone, and two steel for a high pitch. Together they produce a unique sound bass can't resist. Molded into the bait's anterior is also a fixed weight, which ensures optimal balance and long casting capabilities. To bring the Duo Realis 120SP Jerkbait to life, simply snap or quickly twitch the rod tip for a sharp darting and flashing action. Available in a variety of realistic colors, the Duo Realis 120SP Jerkbait is premium bait that you will be fishing for years to come! Length:4-3/4"; Weight:5/8oz; Dive Depth:3-6'; Type:Suspending.

19 Models Available

Model Style Color Size Stock Price Qty
120SP-ACC3008 Neo Pearl Neo Pearl 4-3/4" In Stock: 5+ $13.99
120SP-ACC3059 Mat Tiger Mat Tiger 4-3/4" In Stock: 5+ $13.99
120SP-ADA 3058 Prism Gill Prism Gill 4-3/4" In Stock: 5+ $13.99
120SP-ADA3077 All Bait All Bait 4-3/4" Out of Stock $13.99
120SP-ADA3081 Prism Shad Prism Shad 4-3/4" In Stock: 5+ $13.99
120SP-ADA 3093 Prism Smelt Prism Smelt 4-3/4" In Stock: 5+ $13.99
120SP-ADA3121 Phoenix Phoenix 4-3/4" In Stock: 5+ $13.99
120SP-AJ00091 Ivory Halo Ivory Halo 4-3/4" In Stock: 5+ $13.99
120SP-AJA3055 Chart Gill Halo Chart Gill Halo 4-3/4" In Stock: 5+ $13.99
120SP-AJA3062 Tequila Halo Tequila Halo 4-3/4" In Stock: 5+ $13.99
120SP-CCC3158 Ghost Gill Ghost Gill 4-3/4" In Stock: 5+ $13.99
120SP-CCC3164 A-Mart Shimmer A-Mart Shimmer 4-3/4" Out of Stock $13.99
120SP-CCC3172 Threadfin Shad Threadfin Shad 4-3/4" In Stock: 5+ $13.99
120SP-CCC3176 Morning Dawn Morning Dawn 4-3/4" In Stock: 5+ $13.99
120SP-CCC3179 Purple Mist Purple Mist 4-3/4" Out of Stock $13.99
120SP-DRA 3050 Half Mirror Ayu Half Mirror Ayu 4-3/4" In Stock: 5+ $13.99
120SP-DSH 3061 Komochi Wakasagi Komochi Wakasagi 4-3/4" In Stock: 5+ $13.99
120SP-GEA 3006 Ghost Minnow Ghost Minnow 4-3/4" In Stock: 5+ $13.99
120SP-GHA3138 Midnight Black II Midnight Black II 4-3/4" In Stock: 5+ $13.99
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