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Dirty Jigs Punchin' Skirt

Model: PSHEM
Stock: 5+
Delivering a few unique features of its own, the Dirty Jigs Punchin Skirt isn't just another simple twist on what's already available. For one, it has a tin insert instead of a plastic or rubber core, which can break on your tungsten weight or get cut into by braid. Available in a multitude of effective colors, each Dirty Jigs Punchin Skirt is sure to draw in the fish and produce more bites.

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16 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
PSAC Alabama Craw Out of Stock $5.99
PSBB Black & Blue Out of Stock $5.99
PSBG Bluegill Out of Stock $5.99
PSBG2 Bluegill2 Out of Stock $5.99
PSBP Black Blue & Purple Out of Stock $5.99
PSDTY Dirty 420 Out of Stock $5.99
PSDW Definite Watermelon Out of Stock $5.99
PSGP Green Pumpkin Craw Out of Stock $5.99
PSGPC Green Pumpkin Candy Out of Stock $5.99
PSGRP Green Pumpkin Out of Stock $5.99
PSHEM Hematoma In Stock: 5+ $5.99
PSMGC Magic Craw Swirl Out of Stock $5.99
PSOC Okeechobee Craw Out of Stock $5.99
PSOCH Okeechobee 420 Out of Stock $5.99
PSPD Pay Day Low Stock: <5 $5.99
PSTG The Go To Out of Stock $5.99

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Dirty Jigs Punchin' Skirt - PSHEM
Dirty Jigs Punchin' Skirt - PSHEM
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