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Daiwa HMKL Minnows

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Model: HM137SPK1
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The HMKL’s first design was based on the universal profile of minnows but Daiwa tackle designer Kazuma Izumi has taken it much further choosing just the right material, coating, lip design, figure, and size. ts design is simple and that’s to appeal to universal forage bases of various different types of minnows and juvenile fish. In terms of body design, the shape of the HMKL’s body is incredibly lean. The HMKL minnow is equipped with SaqSas swivels on the front and back to reduce fish coming off, and a circuit board carbon fiber bill—the first ever on a jerkbait—that’s incredibly durable and won’t chip. Like the rudder of a boat, the circuit board bill keeps the bait’s action accurate and very precise every time you use it. It’s also extremely sharp and cuts the water very accurately, getting the bait where it needs to be. The HMKL also casts like a bullet thanks to its SaqSas weight transfer system that utilize small tungsten weights. The smaller tungsten weights also allow the bait a much more balance under the water and the internal counter buoyance weight stabilizes the bait without any unnecessary noise. And when it’s time to set the hook, know that a pair of quality stainless steel SaqSas treble hooks are up to the task. SaqSas swivels that hold the split ring on the front and rear hook allows the hooks to spin freely avoiding the rudder-like action and unnatural balance of the hooks normally and keeps fish hooked no matter the condition. Wherever the treble hooks stick in the fish’s mouth, this SaqSas swivels rotate to prevent tearing and losing the fish. This is the ultimate minnow bait.


  • Depth: 6'
  • Length: 5.4"
  • Weight: 4/7oz
  • Hook Size: 4

6 Models Available

Model Style Color Stock Price Qty
HM137SPK1 1 Super Wakasagi In Stock: 5+ $25.97
HM137SPK2 2 Natural Ghost Shad In Stock: 5+ $25.97
HM137SPK3 3 Champagne Half Low Stock: <5 $25.97
HM137SPK4 4 Ghost Ayu In Stock: 5+ $25.97
HM137SPK5 5 Legend Ghost Wakasagi In Stock: 5+ $25.97
HM137SPK6 6 Super Ayaya In Stock: 5+ $25.97

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Daiwa HMKL Minnows - 1
Daiwa HMKL Minnows - 1
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