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Chasebaits PropDuster Glider

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Model: PDG165-01
Style: 01
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The Chasebaits Propduster Glider is like no other glide bait on the market. Featuring a unique revolving belly blade designed to give the lure extra vibration and flash in the water, it has the ability to draw in fish from a long way away, even on the slow days.
Perfectly balanced to allow the bait to swim with a seductive S-motion and fall slowly with it’s belly down and back up, the presentation of this glide bait is irresistible to big fish.
Work the Propduster glide bait across points, reed lines and shallow banks. Retrieve it super-slowly with a simple half crank of the reel to give it a sweeping S-motion in the water, jerk it and it’ll rotate 180 degrees or fish it faster and let the blade do the work.

  • 6.5"

5 Models Available

Model Style Color Stock Price Qty
PDG165-01 01 Phantom In Stock: 5+ $29.97
PDG165-04 04 Bone In Stock: 5+ $29.97
PDG165-05 05 Shad In Stock: 5+ $29.97
PDG165-08 08 Bluegill Low Stock: <5 $29.97
PDG165-09 09 Rainbow Trout Low Stock: <5 $29.97

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Chasebaits PropDuster Glider - PDG165-01
Chasebaits PropDuster Glider - PDG165-01
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