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Bill Norman Deep Little N Crankbait

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When bass anglers are sitting around talking about successful crankbaits, you can be sure that the Norman Crankbait will be included in the discussion. These 100% American made crankbaits have been around for a long time and are proven fish catchers. The Bill Norman Deep Little N Crankbait features deep lustrous finishes and a huge variety of colors. The diving bill and the attitude that the bait naturally swims at enable these lures to come through and over underwater obstructions easily. If a hang up does occur, they float up backwards which will often free them automatically. Every Norman Crankbait comes complete with ultra-sharp Gamakatsu Hooks that grab and hold, all the way back to the boat. Fish the Norman Deep Little N Crankbait around shallow points, over fish-holding cover, or grind them through the mud to really put some fish in the boat.

Length Weight Depth
2.5? 3/8 oz. 9-12'


31 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
GDLN-000 Pearl White w/Grey Back Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-101 Sunshine In Stock: 5+ $5.99
GDLN-113 Black w/Blue Fleck Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-123 Sun On Pearl Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-131 Red Black In Stock: 5+ $5.99
GDLN-131NC Black Red Craw Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-131SP Black Red Craw w/Orange Belly Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-133 Ghost Shad Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-135NC Fluorescent Orange w/Black Back Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-139 Black Splatter Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-141 Sun On Smokey Shad Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-142 Sun On Rainbow Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-144 Chartreuse Purple Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-147 Tennessee Shad Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-150 Sunshine Gelcoat Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-152 Pearl Blue Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-153 Sunshine On Perch Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-154 Crawdad Low Stock: <5 $5.99
GDLN-181 Sunshine On Chartreuse w/Blue Back Low Stock: <5 $5.99
GDLN-183 Pearl Chartreuse Low Stock: <5 $5.99
GDLN-226 Pearl White Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-230 Dark Red Craw Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-235 Fried Green Tomato Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-239 Glow Craw Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-245 Clearlake Crystal Craw Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-269 Gelcote SX Shad Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-269CH Gelcote Chrome SX Shad Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-269PSX Gelcote Pink SX Shad Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-272 Nite Train Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-298 G-Fleck Brown Craw Out of Stock $5.99
GDLN-BS06 Watermelon w/Red Fleck Out of Stock $5.99

Other Bill Norman Freshwater Available

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