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Bill Lewis Original Series Rat-L-Trap

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Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap® Series is the number 1 selling hardbait in the world for over 25 years, and there's a very good reason for the Rat-L-Trap's overwhelming popularity. The Rat-L-Trap just flat-out catches fish! Whether your quarry is active or neutral doesn't matter; in addition to the flashing, shimmering shad-like profile and super-tight wiggle, every Rat-L-Trap is calibrated to emit Liv-N-Soundproducing lifelike vibrations that replicate those of distressed baitfish... and predator fish just can't resist. They've had more than a quarter-century to catch up, but no other hardbait can boast the fish-catching success of the Rat-L-Trap. Built right, with premium split rings and a tough Durashell finish. Every tackle box should be heavily stocked with Rat-L-Traps.

  • Flat-out catches fish
  • Flashing, shimmering shad-like profile
  • Super-tight wiggle
  • Calibrated to emit Liv-N-Sound
  • Durashell finish
Model Length Weight Class
RT 3? 1/2 oz. Sinking

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62 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
RT05 Smokey Joe Out of Stock $6.99
RT18 Rainbow Trout In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT24 Chartreuse Crawdad Out of Stock $6.99
RT25 Chrome Black Back Low Stock: <5 $6.99
RT25B Chrome Blue Back Out of Stock $6.99
RT25G Chrome Green Back In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT25P Chrome Purple Back Out of Stock $6.99
RT25SPC Lake Fork Special Low Stock: <5 $6.99
RT26 Gold In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT27 Orange Crawdad In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT30 Yearling Bass Low Stock: <5 $6.99
RT37 Bleeding Shiner In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT39C Gold Tennessee Shad Chrome In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT39G Gold Tennessee Shad Gold Out of Stock $6.99
RT40 1/2 Silver Tennesee Shad Out of Stock $6.99
RT46C Chartreuse Crawfish In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT46N Natural Crawfish Low Stock: <5 $6.99
RT46R Red Crawdad Out of Stock $6.99
RT48 Red Craw w/Chartreuse Belly Out of Stock $6.99
RT52 Chartreuse Shiner Out of Stock $6.99
RT53 Diamond Dust w/Yellow Eye Out of Stock $6.99
RT55 Apricot In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT56 Watermelon Out of Stock $6.99
RT161 West Coast Special Out of Stock $6.99
RT253 SUP.NAT Sunrise Perch In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT255 SUP.NAT Blueberry Perch In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT260 SUP.NAT Blue Shiner In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT263 SUP.NAT Candy Craw In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT264 SUP.NAT Pinch'N Peach In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT266 SUP.NAT Oxbow In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT318 Chartreuse Purple In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT370 Chrome Green Out of Stock $6.99
RT372 Chrome Blue Out of Stock $6.99
RT373 Chartreuse In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT376 White Bleeding Shad In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT379 Bloodline In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT381 Ice Blue In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT382 Diamond Dust w/Red Eye In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT383 Chrome In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT391 Bleeding Craw Red Out of Stock $6.99
RT502 Transport Out of Stock $6.99
RT520 Sexy West Low Stock: <5 $6.99
RT520C Sexy Chrome In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT520G Sexy Gold Out of Stock $6.99
RT521 Toledo Gold In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT558 Delta Craw In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT559 Cali Craw Low Stock: <5 $6.99
RT581 Lavender Shad Out of Stock $6.99
RT582 B.E.R. Trap In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT588 Winter Craw In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT589 MC Craw In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT820 Red Chrome Out of Stock $6.99
RT832 Chartreuse Blue Sparkle In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RT836 Silverado Sparkle Out of Stock $6.99
RTGLOW Glow Green Back In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RTL1 Lectric Silver Out of Stock $6.99
RTL2 Lectric Gold In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RTL6 Lectric Red Low Stock: <5 $6.99
RTSY1 Chrome Shad In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RTSY2 Gold Shad In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RTW1 Chrome Blue w/Black Stripes In Stock: 5+ $6.99
RTWY White Yellow Eye In Stock: 5+ $6.99
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