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Bill Lewis Magnum Trap

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The Bill Lewis Magnum Trap has 30 rattles that create vibration and sound that can be heard and felt in over 40 ft. of water. Tougher hardware makes this lure ideal for larger species of game fish.

Model Length Weight Class
MG 3-1/2? 3/4oz. Sinking

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30 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
MG25 Chrome Black Back In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MG25B Chrome Blue Back In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MG27 Orange Crawdad In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MG37 Bleeding Shiner In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MG39C Gold Tennessee Shad Chrome In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MG46R Red Crawdad Low Stock: <5 $7.49
MG48 Red Craw w/Chartreuse Belly In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MG53 Diamond Dust w/Yellow Eye In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MG97 White w/Red Head Out of Stock $7.49
MG372 Chrome Blue In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MG376 White Bleeding Shad Low Stock: <5 $7.49
MG379 Bloodline Low Stock: <5 $7.49
MG381 Ice Blue In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MG383 Chrome In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MG391 Bleeding Craw Red In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MG520 Sexy West Out of Stock $7.49
MG521 Toledo Gold In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MG558 Delta Craw In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MG559 Cali Craw In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MG581 Lavender Shad Low Stock: <5 $7.49
MG582 B.E.R. Trap In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MG820 Red Chrome In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MG836 Silverado Sparkle Out of Stock $7.49
MGGLOW Glow Green Back In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MGL1 Lectric Silver In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MGL2 Lectric Gold In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MGL6 Lectric Red In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MGSY1 Chrome Shad In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MGW1 Chrome Blue w/Black Stripes In Stock: 5+ $7.49
MGWY White Yellow Eye In Stock: 5+ $7.49

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Bill Lewis Magnum Trap
Bill Lewis Magnum Trap
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